Dazzling of medical students life

This starts right before the professional exam. With many books in front of your sight and realizing that it all needs to be done before the time limit and even though its tough going but you carry on. It all intensifies when you open the first chapter and you get lost in deep thoughts. And here is the interesting part the thoughts are all about the future, you picture yourself as doctor and with that you remember your past about how you felt for a doctor before and how your thinking has changed. Anyway you hope for the best and come back to real world and check time, oh my god, i just wasted half hour thinking about the parallel universe. And then comes another thinking, what i would be doing in the parallel universe, oh yes i am a rockstar, and you turn on the music to realify the moment. Then again something struck and you are back to real world and realize that its been a hour of your thinking. Then you get up for refreshment and back after  a hour. This time with more passion. Its all a battle between hour thoughts and reality. Once you get your rythm going you complete all your task. And then you realize the real you is as better as the one in parallel universe.


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