Enigma that is Snob Gamers

When you open any social media you usually find one or other trying to correct other thinking. It just puts a lot of pressure on everyone over the social media, which once used to be a place for casual thinking and enjoyment now turned by snobbery into somewhat a critical place. Its not one or two people, its everywhere. And now many so called personalities, who are new to the fame world are trying to be snobbers. There is lot of biasing then there ever was.

The other day, page called “Comics By Arsalan”  was insulting the singer Ali Zafar for his singing in Coke Studio Season 8, in which he performed “Rockstar”. Dear CBA “Team”, there is not a lot going on in Pakistan, music is drowning over the past few years, and not so much quality music has been produced in many years as this Coke Studio is producing right now. Your negative comments about a good thing can ruin it for many. My friend read you status, in which you wrote that its not our culture and that you can’t be rockstar Micheal Jackson by wearing glowing clothes. Well my friend got the whole different picture of the song and he started to hate Coke studio without listening to song in first place. Song, in my opinion was very good, energy was there, ant it suited Ali Zafar voice. My point being that snobbing and negativity is fine at a certain level. I mean, the other day I saw uzair jaswal and Qurat ul ain Baloch Comedy, and that made me laugh and in a positive way. Thats how “Comics” should be done, Not to ridicule in a negative way. And as they say Famous People needs to watch their actions, because it can effect the lives of other. I am sure there are many examples of snobbery out there, but the above one bugged me most. One should not degrade positive actions.


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