WWE Battleground review

Good Pay-per-view with awesome ending. Overall 7/10.

Best match was Cena vs Owens. These guys give their 100%. Epic match with many maneuvers, physical match. Cena winning makes sense as owens will face ballor for nxt title night before summerslam.

Wyatt reuniting? Luke harper distracted roman reigns, costing him the match against bray wyatt. Overall 2nd best match of the night. Chemistry was good. Rumors has that sting might be tag teaming with reigns to face wyatt and harper at summerslam. But, Sting should get a single match with a well story based opponent as his schedule is very limited. Tomorrow raw will tell.

Undertaker Returns to cost brock lesnar the championship. Talking about the match, extremely one sided match. Seth rollins barely hit a single well time punch. 13 german suplexes tells the whole story. Anyway rollins is still the champion. That leaves lesnar and taker. A rematch? Highly rumored at summerslam. But can undertaker sustain the physicals? Last time taker wrestled besides wrestlemania was in elimintion chamber before wrestlemania 29. Where are they going with the storyline? Is kane gonna fit somewhere? If match happens they can even hype suplex city v tombstone city.

Thats all the hype from battleground. What do you think?


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