World is a very different place now. Everybody is tired of something. Bosses shout at their employees. Employees take it all in for 5 days then take all out for weekend and process repeats itself. Some people more devoted then others. Indulging in their work for 5 working days. Forgetting about their personal lives. It just doesnt feel right. It should be other way around. 



I think now a days people dont seem to care for kindness. Our society mindset has changed. We over-think things and interpret them in our way in our society’s way. We try to analyze stuff and take kindness purely as a business kind of thing. “So this person is giving me this so surely he wants that from me” oh man! Kindness is the feeling which you get after you have made someone happy, that satisfaction feeling, its so unreal now a days. Its just that our media, our society now a days, its so surreal. We need to spread love and be kind to each other. One random act of kindness can change someone’s mood. We need to respect each other.

Practice Pause

​Pause is a very special feeling. Pause you make when listening to your best music, watching your favourite tv show, visiting your best friend. Hand in the air and listening to favourite part of the song. That is the feeling which alleviates you, you feel like you are high or in other world. PRACTICE PAUSE before any thing. Practice pause before an argument, before fight, before giving earful and assess the situation. Pause can save relationships friendships and can spread love. 

Y ye yea yeah!!!!

So i was reading a research in some magazine at a dental clinic while waiting for my turn in a waiting room. It said if you do what you love in life for just 60 seconds in a day it will make a huge difference in your everyday life. It will give you satisfaction and faith you need in your busy life. It can be reading a new language, writing, learning art or anything  you love. So guys love your life and enjoy as much as you can and do things what you love for a minute if not more.

Hope the only thing 

“Being hopeless is my only hope” said the George Constanza in classic SEINFELD sitcom.  I had to share it, its 
a perfectly put line. One of those lines, that makes more sense the more you read it. “Hope is a beautiful thing and no beautiful thing ever dies” from the iconic THE SHAWSHANK REDEMPTION movie. I think that requires no more explanation.